Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This week we are staying in Muiden. Not too far from Amsterdam, but it is still country living at it's best. At least this time there is no neighbour rooster!
Muiden is a beautiful village, with a famous sluice and a castle! There are gorgeous restaurants, all within walking distance and I must say, I do feel happy here. Still - Amsterdam is where I want to be.

Not long now. The renovations are going well. EXCEPT for the incorrect bathtub that was delivered and almost installed! This is a MAJOR problem as the company who we bought it from in the first place and made the mistake are not being very helpful in taking it back. It is an ugly bath and I would never have chosen it! The Dutch are not very big on customer service. Hopefully we can sort this out today!
Besides that, the sun is shining and Kai and I are going to the little beach here.

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