Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ORANGE fever!!!

Tonight's the night. The Netherlands vs Uruguay. Amsterdam is Orange country at the moment and the bars are getting set to have a wild party tonight. The tension in in the air and if you're not wearing ORANGE, you'd better get out there and buy a T-shirt or hat or something from one of the vendors selling football gear. On the other hand, you could wear a Makaraba - see : http://www.makaraba.co.za/, which is the official 2010 hat to wear at the WC! Heinken are doing fabulous ORANGE ones and I have seen many Dutch folks walking around sporting one, along with a Vuvuzela - those horns that make that rather annoying, but at the right times, festive, trumpeting sound! Most of South Africa is supporting Holland and Uruguay is being supported by the whole of Latin America. It's gong to be nerve-wracking and the outcome interesting!! GO HOLLAND!!!

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  1. And it alle ended well ... Sunday's the big match! Germany or Spain ...