Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This Sunday we managed to find some time to watch Invictus.
If you haven't yet seen it, and especially if you are South African and were around when we won the World Cup rugby, I recommend you watch it!
Morgan Freeman playing Nelson Mandela is awesome. At times, you actually forget that it isn't the man himself. Accent quite spot-on and brilliant hair and make-up. The fact that Morgan is a phenomenal actor, is accentuated by the character he plays.
Our beloved Madiba - what an icon! If you are not already a fan of Madiba's, you will be by the end of the movie. His huge heart, compassion, strong leadership, attention to detail, foresight and incredible charm are portrayed perfectly in the movie.
Matt Damon playing Francois Pienaar, is also not bad eye-candy and he got his South African accent pretty well taped, although at times a BIT too overdone with the Afrikaans twang. Apparently the South African accent is virtually impossible to master, as an actor.
Was surprised to see my friend Paddy Lyster, playing Francois' dad in the movie too. Well done Paddy - you were fantastic! Great to see that the Hollywood blockbusters use local talent too.
The movie brought back fond memories of that time, although I actually happened to be living in Dubai then, and watched the game at the South African club with my fellow Emirates friends. I remember feeling so proud once again to be a South African.
By the way, Invictus means: "God of Victory".Invictus

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