Monday, August 9, 2010

Who the hell is Jimmy Woo???

The most popular and trendiest nightclub in Amsterdam is Jimmy Woo's. After years of coming here in the Summer and going to every other club and party in town, and having lived here now for a year and a half, I finally managed to see the inside of Jimmy's on Friday night!
Well, to me it was not bad. Not the best club I have ever been to - and I have been to plenty, but it was nicely decorated, good music and an older, sophisticated crowd.
The question I wanted to know and no-one could answer was: " Who the hell is Jimmy Woo????" The cousin of Jimmy CHOO????

Well, according to Wikipedia, James "Jimmy" Woo is a fictional, Chinese-American secret agent in the Marvel Comics comic-book universe. Created by EC Comics great Al Feldstein and artist Joe Maneely, the character first appeared in Yellow Claw #1 (Oct. 1956) from Atlas Comics, the 1950s predecessor of Marvel.
James Woo is an Asian-American FBI agent assigned primarily to investigate and apprehend the Chinese-national mandarin known as the Yellow Claw, who attempts world domination. Complicating matters, the Claw's grandniece, Suwan, was in love with Woo in the 1950s series. As a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Woo went on to join its "Godzilla Squad" to hunt down the giant monster Godzilla.
Along with his fellow teammates he follows the Atlas Foundation all over the world, unlocking secrets about his teammates former lives, and eventually confronting Yellow Claw, who reveals that the whole ordeal was only a test. As Woo passed it flawlessly, he commits suicide, ending his long life and granting to Jimmy Woo his role as Head of the Atlas Foundation, and Suwan's hand. Woo later surfaces in New York, where he and Spider-Man shut down a rebellious cell of the Atlas Foundation.
and start a fabulous shoe emporium with Jimmy's other cousin Jimmy CHOO!!!
So there you have it! If you visit Amsterdam and you feel like partying, go to Jimmy's!

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