Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sinterklaas arrived in the Netherlands a week ago, as always, by ship, all the way from Spain. Once on land,
along with all his faithful Zwarte Piet's, he made a procession on his horse, Americo, through the streets of Amsterdam (in the pouring rain)!
Since then, he has been filling all the good children's shoes with chocolate letters, small toys and pepernoten - which are like tiny ginger nut biscuits.
The BIG event, however is Pakjesavond, on the 5th of December, when all good children get the toy they have been dreaming about all year long, and all the bad children get put into the sack of Sinterklaas and are taken back to Madrid with him until they learn how to behave.
Luckily Kai has been a very good boy, as he put his tiny shoe out last night and Sinterklaas left him a tiny wooden racing car!

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